Not just fashion-forward, but also future-forward.

We’re a young label on a mission – to revolutionize the eco-fashion game. Starting from our legacy of being leading sustainable bags manufacturers and exporters, we dreamt of bringing our creations directly to you, the real MVPs.

Why? Because we get it. Eco-friendly bags are known to be dull and mundane. But our vision was to break this myth together. We’re here to match the aesthetic of your go-to bags, while being ethical, mindful and sustainable.

Each bag created is a labour of love, crafted to perfection by skilled artisans who share our commitment to sustainability. We truly believed that extraordinary products start with exceptional natural materials and proficient craftsmanship.

Whether it's the versatile functionality that seamlessly fits into your day, or the hidden quotes waiting to be discovered, each product is a slice of us reaching out to you by providing an experience.

Bags that care, because we care.

From inception to realization, our entire production process is meticulously orchestrated under one roof – a Gold-certified Green Factory, giving a robust validation to the environmentally conscious methods employed while manufacturing.

At Earthbags, we're rewriting the story of bags. We’re making it more than just a convenient carry-all; it is a symbol of conscious living.

Discover our curated selection – from go-to totes to versatile minis, and find the pieces that resonate with you and your unique story. Every product is a statement of intention, a nod to the beauty that lies in simplicity.

Here, we invite you to wear your values daily.